Why Select Chalmers Poole?

Chalmers Poole, not only provides accounting services, we also offer comprehensive financial and tax planning. Our clients include corporate executives, sole proprietors, retirees, clergy, and individuals from many other disciplines and walks of life.

We advise our clients on issues ranging from simple tax savings techniques to complex retirement and estate planning matters. Our clients rely on us to provide pragmatic solutions for often difficult challenges and opportunities. Besides offering advice and counsel, we guide our clients through the implementation of their customized financial plan and strategy.

Our past and present experience allows us to, regardless of the circumstances, illustrates the best financial options available to our clients to help them make informed decisions. When it comes to preservation of wealth, minimizing taxes, and investment planning, no one source does it better.

Why use Chalmers Poole?

Chalmers Poole is an independent firm that develops and implements personal financial strategies.

Comprehensive: We look at everything. If you hire us, we will review your financial life in these areas: taxes, insurance, legal, and investments.

We don’t sell any products: We don’t make commissions off of anything. We objectively evaluate your situation with no conflicts of interest. Our clients pay us by the hour, therefore they know our recommendations are without bias. We’ve often wondered how any financial planner can objectively evaluate your situation if they have a financial incentive to sell you something!

Customized: Nobody else looks like you do. Why should your financial plan be based upon some type of boiler plate standard? Our clients receive the best, most comprehensive, individually tailored plan they can get for their needs.

Creative: Supreme Court Justice Black said, “Evasion of taxes is a crime; avoidance of taxes is a national pastime.” Why should you pay more taxes when you can, within the law, minimize them? Among Chalmers Poole’s strengths is helping our clients pay less taxes through smart, creative planning and implementation.

Credibility: Our client list consists of all types of people, many of whom could use any certified public accounting firm and financial planner in the world. If we couldn’t meet, and often exceed, their expectations, our clients would not refer friends and associates to us. Without question, our best advertising is our clients’ satisfaction.

Coordinated: Your financial strategy covers many topics and often requires the coordination of several professionals. One of the frustrations people come across is trying to coordinate the group of professionals needed to implement a comprehensive plan. We act as the coach and coordinate the professional team. By involving experts in each area, our clients are assured of receiving independent advice from professionals who’ve considered all aspects of their financial strategy.

Competence: We have carefully constructed a very effective team of individuals with complementary skills and expertise. Our educational backgrounds range from mathematics and finance to accounting, tax, and law. Our team members have previously held positions in the following capacities: CPAs of international accounting firms, CFOs of publicly and privately held companies, consultants of law firms and executive vice president of a top 100 mortgage company. We regularly attend nationally recognized seminars and work with other specialists around the country to stay abreast of cutting edge ideas.

Implementation: Even the best plan will not help you reach your goals if it is never implemented. We consider prompt implementation one of the most critical steps in the process. We lead your professional team to make your personal financial strategy happen!